About Kantha Home

Kantha Home offers unique, handmade Kantha throws and throw blankets made by vulnerable and at-risk women  of Basha Boutique in Bangladesh. Basha Boutique gives vulnerable and at-risk Bengali women a place to work where they can learn the ancient art of Kantha in a healthy, healing environment.

Handmade ~ High-quality ~ Eco-friendly

Handmade in Bangladesh using the ancient Kantha tradition
Made from six layers of vintage saris forming a soft, thick, yet not too heavy Kantha
Tight, straight & consistent hand-stitching with clean edges and thick stitching that prevents fraying

      Featured Product of the Week: Christmas Ornament Bundle

      Three metal Christmas ornaments hanging on a tree. One star with red embroidery, one bauble with blue embroidery, and one bell with white embroidery.
      Three metal Christmas ornaments on a white wood background. The first ornament is a brass bauble with blue stitching, the second ornament is a copper bell with white stitching, and the third ornament is a brass star with red stitching.

      Christmas Ornament Bundle

      Bring your tree to life with this lovely handcrafted ornament set featuring a hand-embroidered design. This set includes one brass bauble ornament, one copper bell ornament, and one brass star ornament. 

      Care and Cleaning: dissolve 2 tsp baking soda & 4 tsp white vinegar in a small bowl of warm water. Soak for up to five minutes, rinse & pat dry. 

      Size: approx. 2.5 inches

      Free Shipping on all ornament bundles. 


      Unique Designs ~ Varying Sizes

      All products are unique, no two throws or blankets are exactly the same
      Each pattern is in very limited supply and are often stitched together forming unique designs
      Available in three size: Children’s Kantha (small), Standard (medium), and Double (large)
              Made by At-Risk Women ~ Above Fair Trade Standards

              Made by women in Bangladesh who are victims of or at risk of sexual exploitation
              Basha offers safe, healthy, honest, and sustaining work allowing women to escape the cycle of exploitation
              Women of Basha receive a livable wage that sustains their family in addition
              to health insurance, education, and free childcare


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